Magazines Design

Magazines Design

Magazine Design is one of the key factors to make the reader pick up the magazine at one look. Magazines have stood their place against all odds and it is because of the information they offer in excellent design. To create a nice magazine cover design one should keep the reader and the content in mind. Will the reader pick up this magazine at the first sight? If the answer is yes then the design can be rated as a good one.

Design a Catchy

Many interior magazines, hospitality magazines etc. now-a-days have intriguing designs. The masthead including the logo should be very appealing as this can make a lot of difference in the design. The logo and masthead should portray the vision of the magazine in a crisp and attractive manner. The size of the magazine is also important. It should not be too small or too big. It should be easy to carry and packed into bags. Designing the magazine also depends on the target users.

The font used in the magazine is very crucial. The letters should not cause discomfort to the eye and the magazine layout should be gripping. The readability depends on the size of the fonts. Multi columns enhance the design of the magazine making it easier to read as well. Fully packed pages need not appeal to the reader. Leaving white spaces can give a respite to the eyes. Add photos or drawings in between and this can create a pleasing look. Giving enough space at the edges assures a good look and design. There is no specific design that sells best. Creativity is the watchword in magazine design and anything that is appealing and readable will be accepted by the people.