Book Covers Design

Book Covers Design

The task of designing book covers is not easy, especially considering the competition involved as millions of books are being published all over the world each year. To stand apart from the crowd you will need to consider some of the unique ideas for book creative cover designs. The book cover has a universal appeal. There are different kinds of designs to consider in book covers. One is the glow in the dark book cover, a unique design that can make any book stand out from the rest.

Give the Book a Distinct Feel

If you are looking towards giving the book a distinct feel then the Specialty book cover design is best as compared to 2D or virtual designs. The abstract professional cover design compels the reader to open the book to read. The minimalist book cover design, with its simplicity, will still convey the meaning of the book.

Styles To Make Heads Turn

Powerful photography can be used in white and black to emphasize strong emotions. Everyone really loves the distinct retro designs. The black and white book design is guaranteed to make heads turn especially if a 3D feel is added to it. The Japanese eBook cover design is certainly an out of the box idea.

The layout of a drawing book cover design gives a stylish and personal look. The concept of humor used in the funny children's book cover design can make the book look exclusive and give it the recognition it deserves. Kids get attracted to the designs where some great textures can be used.

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